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Drake & College - A new Urban Renewal Plan area at Drake & College Avenue is currently being contemplated by the URA Board. In spite of this area's prominence, the URA Board has found the area to suffer from Bight as defined by Colorado Urban Renewal Law. Subsequent to Blight findings, the area falls short of Community objectives as specified by City Plan (Fort Collins Comprehensive Plan), the Midtown Plan (a subarea plan for the Midtown area), and the Midtown in Motion Plan (Midtown transportation plan). Note: These and other plans are available at https://www.fcgov.com/planning/documents.

Adoption of an Urban Renewal Plan in this area would allow the URA to utilize the incremental taxes derived from within the plan to remediate blight, fund enhanced development outcomes, and promote area improvements that are consistent with community goals and objectives. Redevelopment priorities of the area may include:

  • College and Drake intersection Improvements
  • Traffic safety improvements
  • Sidewalk & landscaping enhancements
  • Storm water improvements
  • Parking Enhancements
  • Improved multi-use trail & Bus Stop improvements on Drake near MAX.

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