Board of Commissioners

Wade Troxell, Chair

Wade Troxell, Chair

Gerry Horak, Vice Chair

Ross Cunniff

Christophe Febvre (Poudre School District)

Steve Johnson (Larimer County)

Ray Martinez

Bob Overbeck

Andy Smith (Mayoral Appointee)

Kristin Stephens

Ken Summers

Joe Wise (Poudre River Public Library)


Darin Atteberry, Executive Director

Carrie Daggett, City Attorney

Delynn Coldiron, Secretary

About the Board The Fort Collins Urban Renewal Authority is governed by an eleven-member board consisting of the Fort Collins City Council, and one representative from Larimer County, Poudre School District, Poudre library board and a citizen representative. The board employs an Executive Director, also the City Manager, who directs staff of the URA.

General contact for the URA Board: 970.416.2231

July 9, 2018 URA Agenda materials